Healthy Hope - The Muscadine Documentary

Healthy Hope - The Muscadine Documentary

Healthy Hope is 53 minute documentary of six research doctors from five universities (below) who are researching an extract from the muscadine grape can help fight cancer, inhibit metastatic cancer growth, reduce inflammation, and improve your overall health.

In one way or another, we've all been affected by cancer - whether it was a family member, a partner, or a friend. The filmmakers were asked to attend a Dean's Forum at Wake Forest University in 2019 about the Muscadine Grape. Fascinated by the amount of research that was being done on the grape, they wanted to share this information with others. Over the next three years they met with multiple researchers to see how their cancer research was progressing.

Researchers in the documentary are from:
-Wake Forest University
-North Carolina State University
-Morgan State University
-Howard University
-Johns Hopkins University

Healthy Hope - The Muscadine Documentary
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    The Muscadine Documentary follows six Research Doctors from five Universities (NC State, Wake Forest, Morgan State, Howard Univ. and Johns Hopkins University on their endeavors to find out how effective the Muscadine Grape Skin Extract is on fighting cancer and helping with overall wellness. It ...